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Trust, but Checkfirst

Real world trust through transparency

Frictionless on-site data collection

Great UX

  • Mobile-first user experience

  • Localised to European and Asian languages

  • Cross border availability

Open integration

  • API integration

  • AI first mentality

  • Dynamic flagging

  • Summarised and scored

  • Driving new revenues

Frictionless distribution

  • Links & QR-codes

  • No logins or apps required

  • Distribute to anyone with a camera device

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Creating outcomes where you can establish trust, remotely

Remote Inspections

  • Collect relevant on-site data easily

  • Easy to create, schedule and plan inspections

  • Set criteria to track, receive and action data

  • Easy API Integration

Trusted Digital Authority

  • Secure links

  • Data securely stored, searchable & immutable

  • Certified & Independent

  • Backed by ISOs (9001, 27001)

  • Time & location stamped

  • Digital signatures

Companies need to be compliant & trusted to drive revenue

We’ve interviewed hundreds of companies pointing to a trust and on-site data collection problem, too hard to solve with traditional inspection services.


People lie & falsify information and aren't accountable


Inefficient to travel and perform manual inspections


Companies get penalties and fines for not being compliant

Checkfirst is the digital authority for on-site compliance & trust at scale


Secure accountable outcomes with verified transparent data


Drive down operational costs and scale cross-border through remote tools


Easy to stay compliant and reduce risk footprint due to audit trail

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