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Checkfirst is a third-party platform that builds trust & accountability through the buying, renovating, or selling process helping you and your clients make the best investments.

Everyone will spend less time and money on this (not so) complex digital journey.


Progress reports

Manage your construction site with regular reports with visual proof of the great job your team is making.

With Checkfirst you can share the weekly progress with your clients or partners and track the progress your team is making every week for building trust and accountability


Fund release

Releasing funding at each stage of a construction project can take time. Scheduling with an independent evaluator to come and check the work so that the bank financing can be released is time-consuming and expensive.

With Checkfirst you can create time & location-stamped reports that are legally binding at each stage to prove to banks that your project matches the plan and funding can be released

Want to give it a try?

Start using Checkfirst right away to help with your projects. Make your current processes more efficient with digital inspection reports that will save you so much time!

Get your free trial and see the benefits for yourself!

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