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Checkfirst is a third-party platform that allows you to do any kind of reports you might need for your business.

Specially when managing a property, we aim to be by your side along the way with an intuitive tool that can be easily integrated within your current system.

With Checkfirst you are able to create different reports for different units, perform, track and share them with anyone you like.

You can have your team and even your guests perform the reports, as it helps build trust and accountability between you and them, protecting you and the user any time a dispute occurs.


Try Checkfirst for...

Property Management


Cleaning reports

Maintenance reports

Regular Inspections

Reports to the owner

Real Estate

Progress on Renovations

Viewing before in-person visit

Post house visit report

Third party stamp of approval

& much more!

Construction follow-up

Validating large housing portfolios

Team Management


"Cleanly designed and easy-to-use tool that makes apartment handovers and check-ins/-outs much more transparent. Checkfirst structures a process that was before done manually, in a tractable way. 

The best of it: Even guests themselves can contribute in an easy manner.
All in all, a great opportunity for every company and everyone that has to keep track of the condition of properties over time in a systematic fashion. "

- Bleisured, workation in Lisbon

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