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Checkfirst increases productivity by digitalizing current business processes

How Checkfirst works

With Checkfirst you can create, perform, track and share reports for all your units


On your dashboard, you can create and manage all your units and reports.

Whether your units are houses, bedrooms, factories, events, cars, or anything else you can create reports with your own requirements.

After creating the unit you can easily send an automated link to your team so they can perform the reports on their smartphones.

Mobile app

Once you, your team or your guests open the report you can fill it out in just a few clicks.

Your reports can require photos, videos,  answers with free text or numbers, checkboxes, multiple choices, and yes/no answers.

Media items always come with a scale of "damaged" to "great" so you can rate its condition. If you rate it as "poor" or "damaged" the report will automatically get flagged on your dashboard so you know your action might be needed.

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Build trust with official digital signatures

Checkfirst in an unbiased tool that creates transparency for all parties involved

Don't just take our word for it

"Cleanly designed and easy-to-use tool that makes apartment handovers and check-ins/-outs much more transparent. Checkfirst structures a process that was before done manually, in a tractable way. 

The best of it: Even guests themselves can contribute in an easy manner.
All in all, a great opportunity for every company and everyone that has to keep track of the condition of properties over time in a systematic fashion. "

- Bleisured, workation in Lisbon


Get a timeline of accurate events recorded and signed off, at every step.


Events are recorded, timestamped and signed off creating accountability, responsibility and  building trust between the parties involved.


Create an inspection report process for your staff to follow and save time with report creation and automation. 

Flexible Inspection Reports

Easy User Interface

Timestamped and digitally signed

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Modern Home Design

Unlimited reports

Get as many units and users as you need and access your reports any time you need in your user friendly dashboard. See what plan might work best for you

Property Management



Maintenance & repairs

Regular inspections