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Checkfirst: The Dashboard Makeover

From a functional platform to an amazing experience, our dashboard is now completely renovated and ready to make your life easier.

In 2022 Checkfirst decided to really step up the game and invest in a platform that's so much more than just an app. With new features, a new look, and an improved flow, you can start counting down the days to your next inspection report, rather than dreading it for the whole month.

The ultimate "frictionless" user experience

Sometimes, simplicity is the key. With new features coming out every week and new ideas coming from all places it was very important for Checkfirst to build an intuitive flow through the dashboard and app.

With improved usability, our platform is now presented in a user-friendly version that will make the customer journey as smooth as it can be.

Business managers can create and manage units and reports in just a few clicks through their dashboard and easily share them with people on-site to perform reports on their smartphones, through the Checkfirst app, or simply through the web version.

A new look

With improved usability, it also comes an improved look. A homepage that quickly shows you the best highlights and a modern design that resembles trust and accountability through the digital world.

Our team has redesigned the pages for all your units, checklists, and reports in a way that will make you and your team look forward to reporting days.

Efficiency at its best

The dashboard was tailored in a way that allows you to be as efficient as possible. Your homepage will highlight the live analytics of your units and reports for easy management.

One of the first things to notice once you start using Checkfirst is that over time it will show you how many flagged reports you have. Every time someone reports an issue in one of your units your report and unit will automatically get flagged and highlighted on your dashboard so you know where to focus your attention and not have to waste time going through all the reports.

For increased productivity, if you want similar reports for all your units you can easily duplicate them and make any adjustments needed instead of creating every unit, one by one.

Checkfirst has now elevated its offering with a dashboard makeover that will massively improve the way you perform and manage all your business reports. By streamlining this process you will be able to boost efficiency and accountability through our digital platform.

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