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Checkfirst: your digital platform for visual reports

Here we are again, and we're here to introduce ourselves this time.

Checkfirst was born from the need to simplify property management processes that were becoming increasingly obsolete and hurting productivity. As COVID-19 came along, in-person meetings and inspections came to a halt, and the need to digitalize inspection reports became even greater.

With the development of our product and team, we realized that this problem was far bigger than we originally imagined and common to many more businesses. In different stages and contexts, almost every business needs to perform some form of inspection report in their daily lives and Checkfirst is now ready to help with that.

After many months of working closely with property managers, contractors, tenants, landlords, owners, and many other professionals we tailored our product to make it as intuitive and useful as possible. While we are aware that our platform will keep growing and evolving, we are very proud of how far it has come with the precious help of our Early Access clients that have shared their pain points and requested many features that are now making their lives easier.

Checkfirst is a digital platform that allows you to do any kind of report you might need for your business. These reports are time & location-stamped and require a digital signature that makes them trustworthy and legally binding.

On your dashboard, you can create and manage all your units and reports. After creating a template, Checkfirst generates an automated link that you can share with any team member or guest to perform a report. Whether it's for check-in/check-outs, maintenance, repairs, cleaning, or regular inspections, you can personalise every report to your needs, creating your own checklist of items. Any damage or issue that might come up will then get flagged on your dashboard so you know your action might be needed.

Checkfirst is here to make your current processes more efficient and build trust between you, your team, and your clients.

If you want to access our platform and get a free trial, just go to and see the benefits for yourself.

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