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You can use Checkfirst for different purposes when managing your property. The ultimate goal is to build trust between multiple parties and increase productivity by digitalizing current processes that you and your team already have in place.


Check-in/ Check-outs

Your guests can do their check-in & check-out using Checkfirst, with reports personalized to your needs. It will increase accountability by protecting them from any responsibility for previous damages securing their deposit and giving you more time to manage multiple properties



Have your cleaning team perform a report after each cleaning with visual proof of the condition of your property that protects you and your team in case of any further dispute with guests


Maintenance & Repairs

Ask your maintenance team to report every repair that they do with visual proof that everything is working as it is supposed to. You don't need the hassle of commuting to each property in person every time some maintenance happens


Regular inspections

Whether you have to report back to the property owner or ask your guests for a weekly/monthly visual report to check the condition of your property, you can use Checkfirst to do so. With real-time images & videos, this third-party platform allows you to track and get legally binding inspections that are time & location stamped

Want to give it a try?

Start using Checkfirst right away to help you manage your properties. Make your current processes more efficient with digital inspection reports that will save you so much time!

Get your free trial and see the benefits for yourself!

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