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Checkfirst is a third-party platform that builds trust & accountability through the buying, renovating, or selling process helping you and your clients make the best investments.

Everyone will spend less time and money on this (not so) complex digital journey.


Virtual tours before in-person visits

Stop wasting time with house visits that will never turn into a deal. With Checkfirst buyers can require a real-time tour of the property and its surroundings before an in-person visit.

Choosing the best investment with less hassle, that's the way to go


Post house visit survey

Quit taking printed sheets to every house visit that buyers will have to fill in uncomfortable settings.

With Checkfirst, you can create your checklist template according to your requirements and send it to your clients, who can fill it out within a few seconds on their smartphones. Your surveys will then get stored on your dashboard where you can create, access, and share them anytime, anywhere!


Renovation progress reports

Do you spend too much time commuting to your property just to check the progress of your renovations? With Checkfirst you can get regular reports on the status of your renovations without stepping foot on your property. It's digital, easy, and legally binding


Stamp of approval

As a third-party platform, Checkfirst provides trust for properties that are regularly verified with time & location-stamped reports, making sure the visual proof on the reports is trustworthy.

Everyone can enjoy the process, stress-free

Want to give it a try?

Start using Checkfirst right away to help you make the best investments. Make your current processes more efficient with digital inspection reports that will save you so much time!

Get your free trial and see the benefits for yourself!

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