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Visual reports for your property

Property Management
Abrindo a porta

Property Management

Create instant inspection reports for your property with a mobile app that builds trust between you and your guests.

Checkfirst can help you on regular checkups and facilitate the checkin/checkout process, enabling any user to record the condition of your property, making sure it remains spotless.

You will be able to manage different properties and let your guests enjoy their stay while you rest, stress-free.

Buying Residential Properties

Checkfirst provides real time condition verification on properties before you visit them in person.

Virtually tour multiple properties before deciding to put an offer in without wasted time and money on commute. You can pick and choose which properties match with your needs and desires, and close the transaction with all the information on your side.

Check the condition of each property first, and then decide which ones would make the best investment.

Mostrando um apartamento
Buying residential properties
Construction inspection
Engenheiro civil

Construction Inspection

Control every construction phase with an intuitive app that allows you to  create instant inspection reports.

With 4 simple steps you can track the progress by recording a video or taking photos of your project. Checkfirst will be you ally through every step of the construction, making sure the responsible entities provide the resources your team needs to move on to the next phase.

You can empower people on the ground with real time tools to provide verified inspection, while saving money.

Validating Large Housing Portfolios

Validate the condition of all your listings to ensure all costumers have the best experience.

With Checkfirst you can add an initial report for your portfolio, perform regular updates and real time inspections to make sure every property remains in perfect condition.

Enable multiple users to record  your property and build quick visual reports with a mobile app that will be stored in your own dashboard for easy access.

Edifício de apartamentos residenciais
Housing portfolios
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